Hausmade Rear Window Louver MK6-MK7/7.5-MK8 (Pair)



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If aggression is your style, we have the product for you! These rear window louvres have been available on the market for quite some time, but have they always fit and looked this good?

Part of the Hausmade product range, rest assured that this is a dubhaus exclusive product that fits as well as all of our products.

Available in Gloss Black!

Custom Colors are available upon request.

These are made of high-quality ABS Plastic, machine cut and measured perfectly to size for each respective model (MK6/MK7-7.5/MK8).

These are super easy to apply, simply wipe down your rear windows, apply the supplied double-sided tape to the louvres, and stick it on!

While we are great advocates for DIY, we recommend professional installation for the best results.

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MK6, MK7/MK7.5, MK8



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