The dubhaus Story

About Us

Our passion is what drives us to help you

the story starts with you.

Before we tell you about us, let us talk about you. You have been into your cars since a young age, as long as you remember. Everything about it excites you, the way it makes you feel, how it sounds and of course how it looks. Your family and friends can never understand, but they dont have to because we do. They all think its a phase, but believe us it never is just a phase.

With us, you have now found a new home. Somewhere you can mod the car you worked so hard for, and most importantly speak to people who understand you and want whats best for you and your car. Our story is your story. We worked and will continue to work hard to be able to provide you with the highest quality after market products. We will always strive to exceed your expectations of customer service and we will deliver on that promise through our workmanship and our products.

Ignite your passion

Your Passion is our passion.

Our team are enthusiasts just like you, we love our cars and we love people.

Welcome to the new dubhaus. The same excellent quality products and services, now just catering to every car make and model.

Your car is a blank book, you’ve got the pen and we are here to help you write your story.