Ford BA BF Falcon Turbo Sedan 3.5Inch Xforce Cat Back Exhaust

$675.75 $795.00
By X-Force

Elevate your Ford BA BF Falcon Turbo sedan's performance with the Xforce 3.5" Cat Back System. Expertly crafted from robust raw 409 stainless steel, this system is designed to seamlessly bolt onto your Xforce dump pipe kit. Experience the exhilarating blend of power and sound as the 3.5" system optimizes exhaust flow for enhanced performance gains. With its aggressive exhaust note, this Xforce Cat Back System is designed to turn heads and make a statement on the road.
  • Bolts to Xforce 3.5" cat
  • 3.5″ pipe work
  • Straight through sports muffler
  • Twin tip outlet (requires welding)
  • Raw 409 stainless steel