Ford Focus XR5 Cat Back Exhaust

$679.15 $799.00
By X-Force

Coming Soon! Take your Ford Focus XR5 to the next level with the Xforce Cat Back exhaust system. Engineered from high-quality raw 409 stainless steel, this performance upgrade ensures long-lasting durability and maximum exhaust flow. Experience improved power, throttle response, and an aggressive exhaust note that commands attention on the road. Upgrade your driving experience and let your Ford Focus XR5 roar with the Xforce Cat Back exhaust system. Designed for a precise fit, the Xforce Cat Back exhaust system seamlessly integrates into your Ford Focus XR5, enhancing its overall performance and aesthetics. With its premium construction and attention to detail, this system offers unmatched durability and corrosion resistance. Whether you're hitting the streets or the track, the Xforce Cat Back exhaust system delivers the power, sound, and style you desire for your Ford Focus XR5. Unleash the true potential of your vehicle and experience the thrill of driving like never before.
  • 3" raw 409 stainless steel
  • Hot dog resonator centre
  • Oval rear muffler
  • 4" tips
  • This is our loudest option available