Holden VF LFX V6 High Flow Stainless Steel Manicat Kit

By X-Force

Upgrade your Holden VF V6 LFX with Xforce Manicats for unparalleled performance. These high-flow catalytic converters optimize exhaust flow, enhancing power, and responsiveness. Crafted from premium materials, these Manicats ensure durability and long-lasting performance. Experience the thrill of a refined exhaust note and improved driving dynamics with Xforce Manicats. Unleash the true potential of your VF V6 LFX and enjoy an exhilarating driving experience with Xforce
  • VF & VE V6 LFX engine
  • 2.25" Pipe Size
  • Matt Finish Stainless Steel
  • Hi-Flow Metallic Cat-Converters
  • Direct Bolt on to the factory stock manifold outlet LFX engine
  • Bolt on to XFORCE cat-back system only
  • ECU Tune required after installation