OCDEuro MK5 Golf Interior Chassis Brace - (MKV)

By OCDEuro

OCDEuro's Rear Interior Chassis Brace for the MK5 (MKV) VW Golf Platform including base models, Sport, 2.0, TDI, GTI and R32

Product Description

  • Improve your driving experience and add style to your interior with our Signature Brace.
  • Reduces Body Flex and Increases Chassis Stiffness, resulting in better Handling and Steering Feel.
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia.
  • Constructed using High Quality Galvanised G250 Plate Steel.
  • Installs with 4 nutserts, for easy installation and quick removal in minutes.
  • Retains full functionality of your rear seats with no loss to cargo space.
  • Lightweight design weighs less than 4kg.
  • FREE OCDEuro Logo Decal

Compatible Models

  • Volkswagen Golf MK5 (MKV) Sport
  • Volkswagen Golf MK5 (MKV) 2.0
  • Volkswagen Golf MK5 (MKV) TDI
  • Volkswagen Golf MK5 (MKV) GTI/
  • Volkswagen Golf MK5 (MKV) R32


Proper installation requires drilling four 11mm holes through the body of your car, and mild carpet trimming. Full details on installation process and step by step instructions guide can be downloaded as a PDF file HERE