Tesla Model Y Premium Prepreg Carbon Fiber Full Body Kit


ADRO is introducing our ultra-premium prepreg carbon fiber full body kit for the Tesla Model Y.

The full body kit will include:

  • Carbon fiber front lip
  • Carbon fiber side skirts
  • Carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • Carbon fiber spoiler

This premium body kit is manufactured from 100% genuine prepreg carbon fiber and is ultra-lightweight, with maximum durability, and quality. Commonly used in high-end race cars and supercars, prepreg (aka dry) carbon fiber is now available for drivers looking for the very best.

Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), our team of aerodynamicists tested the efficiency gains of a Tesla Model Y fitted with ADRO’s full body kit compared to a factory car.

Our CFD analyses showed a 4.4% reduction in total vehicle drag and a downforce increase of 727 N, resulting from the installation of all four ADRO parts - front lip, side skirt, rear diffuser, and spoiler. 

This means that ADRO’s Premium Prepreg Carbon Fiber Full Body Kit made the Model Y even more aerodynamically efficient, which will ultimately result in a positive effect on overall range and performance.

 Tesla Y Premium Body Kits will be shipped out this summer.


SKU: A15A20-1201
Compatible with: 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range
2022 Tesla Model Y Performance
2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range
2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range
2021 Tesla Model Y Performance
2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range
2020 Tesla Model Y Performance

Note: the rear diffuser is not compatible with Model Ys with a tow hitch.
Full body kit includes: Front lip
Side skirts
Rear diffuser
Material: Prepreg carbon fiber
Dimensions: Front lip: 476mm x 1793mm x 195mm
Side skirts: 2085mm x 235mm x 155mm
Rear diffuser: 553mm x 1695mm x 200mm
Spoiler: 365mm x 1380mm x 105mm
What’s in the box: 1 Carbon fiber front lip
2 Carbon fiber side skirts
1 Carbon fiber rear diffuser
1 Carbon fiber spoiler
3M tape
1 Installation manual
Catalog: TBA
Installation guide: Tesla Model Y Installation Guide
Version: V1